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Thank you for inspiring me on this journey, and for supporting my new book, Soul of Strength!

I'm so grateful for you!

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I've made this super simple...


Read the Book

As a member of my launch, you receive an early copy of my book before it is published. 

Take advantage of this extra time to read the book and prepare your review, so you can post it as soon as it is live.

The Advance Reader Copies (ARC) will be sent to you via email.


Purchase Book on Launch Day

Click this link to purchase your copy on Amazon the day it is released.

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Post Your Review

Go back to the purchase page on Amazon, scroll down to the Customer Review section. 

Click "Write a customer review", to add your review.

Just a couple sentences of what you liked about the book is all it takes.

Launch Day is 

November 8th 2022!

  • Mark it on your calendar!
  • Keep an eye out for emails with other Launch Details and sneak peeks!
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My book is looking for it's readers...

  • Post a photo or video of you receiving or unboxing the book! Fun mail :)
  • Share a quote or a favorite line from the book
  • Drop a link to it in your online community
  • Shout it out in a round-up-style email or blogpost
  • Snag a few copies for friends and family~Christmas is coming! :)
  • Post a favorite quote in a Facebook group you love
  • Recommend it for your next book club read
  • Review it on Goodreads & Bookbub
  • Mention it in your podcast if you have one, or invite me on as a guest :)

Helpful Resources

Book Images & Social Media Graphics

Feel free to use these images to post about the book, share and recommend it to friends, and tag me in the post.

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About Kristeen Groth

Kristeen Groth is a life-long book-aholic, who has turned her obsession with reading into a career writing books to uplift and inspire others.

She combines her love of romance and inspiring stories with her fascination, knowledge, and experience of energy healing for a unique and magical experience for all who read her books.

Her intention is to use her books as a vehicle to bring more light, love and healing to the world.

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