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Moonlit Lake Matchmaker series

Book 1 ~ Hinted: A Sweet, Small Town, Second Chance RomCom

Hinted by kristeen groth

My life needed a time-out. Or a do-over.

After my dream of taking New York by storm as a fashion designer dramatically imploded in one fell swoop—culminating with a warm splat on my head—I realized if the city had no more love for me, I might as well go home.

Returning to Moonlit Lake feeling like a failure was bad enough, but when I walked into the local bar, the first thing I saw was the love of my life, Rowan, whom I hadn’t seen in fourteen years, on his knee proposing to someone else.

Not exactly the welcome home I expected.

Letting him go the first time was my biggest regret. One I never got over. I’d do whatever it took to get him back. Maybe opening a clothing boutique in town would show Rowan I was back to stay, and prove I wasn’t a failure.

Starting over in my hometown wouldn’t be easy, but surely my luck was changing. When you’ve hit rock bottom and washed the pigeon poop out of your hair, things can only get better, right?


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Book 2 ~ Nudged: A Sweet, Small Town, Brother's Best friend RomCom

Nudged by Kristeen Groth

That's it! I'm done with men. I'll be better off dating myself.

A weekend away at a secluded cabin to paint a new commission is the perfect way to kick off my “man-cott.” Or it would be if the man I most wanted to avoid, and couldn’t get over, wasn’t there at the same time. (This had meddling matchmaker Tillie’s name all over it. I’ll deal with her later.) And if the storm of the century hadn’t trapped us together. Alone. In the dark. With no distractions or interruptions. And only one bed. Ugh!

Of all the people in the world to be stranded with, it had to be this arrogant oaf. The one I’d most like to strangle with my bare hands—if I could do it from a safe distance. Extendo arms would be helpful. Simply being in the same room with him is dangerous…to my heart, anyway.

You see, not only is Nash Porter my sworn enemy, he’s also the one I’ve been in love with since grade school—my brother’s best friend. The guy who rejected me and destroyed my tender heart, yet was still there to taunt and tease me during my most embarrassing moments.

If I can just stay mad at him, I’ll be safe.

It’s all I can do to keep from smacking the cocky smirk off his face whenever he glances my way. Better than kissing it off. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

There’s no way we get out of this unscathed. Send help!

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Book 3 ~ Pushed: A Sweet, Small Town, enemies-to-lovers RomCom

Pushed by Kristeen Groth

Whoever said all was fair in love and war, was full of it!

It all started when I met a handsome stranger at a fundraising gala, and had fun pretending we were engaged to get an obsessed woman off his back. It was just one evening, and nobody else would ever hear about it.

When he shows up at my restaurant and says he plans to buy it, but he'll let me continue as the head chef—I lose it, along with scoops of mashed potatoes flying at his face!

How dare this arrogant jerk come in here and try to yank my dream out from under me? This is WAR!

But then the restaurant owners hear the rumors of our engagement and force us to partner together to make the restaurant a success, or they'll sell to a franchise and we'll lose the whole thing.

This is surely a recipe for disaster and heartbreak. There's no way it can work. Is there?

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Love From Readers

Sweet Read with Rich Characters

I loved this sweet, small town romance. I am a sucker for second chance and this one has all the best elements ... two people destined to be together that the the world (and sometimes their foolish choices) are keeping apart. It's well written and made me laugh out loud more than once. Great read -- looking forward to book two already!

Lara Alspaugh Amazon Customer

 An Enchanting Getaway

'Hinted' by Kristeen Groth is a heartwarming second-chance contemporary romance that provides a delightful escape into the world of love and connection. A well-deserved 5 stars! Happy reading!

Sarah Amazon Customer

Hits all the right notes

I’m already a fan of Kristeen Groth’s books, but after reading the extended preview for Hinted, I really couldn’t wait for the entire book to be released. Got it and stayed up all night to finish it. It was that good. Not only was there her trademark warm and relatable characters, light humor, and thoughtful life nuggets to chew on, this book, she also added a bit of suspense to her small-town romance. Which is why I pulled an all-nighter. I kept turning the page until the end to find out if-and how-Rowan finally got the right girl for him. Can’t wait to see how Tillie’s premonition plays out for book 2 in March!

Hillary Tubin● Amazon Customer

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