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Contemporary Romance  ~ Soul healing Series

Soul of Hope book

All she wanted was a fresh start, somewhere she could stand on her own without a man. And then fate brought her to him.

When Elyse Mirabella fled in the middle of the night, she vowed never to be at the mercy of another man—until she finds herself stranded on the side of a desolate road in Minnesota.

Adventure guide and firefighter, Zeke Garron, wasn’t even supposed to be on that road, but felt a nudge he couldn’t ignore, never expecting his life to be upended by rescuing the mysterious woman he finds there.

Neither is looking for a relationship, but angels seem to have brought them together for a reason. Their connection unearths long-buried pain and trauma within each of them, and provides an opportunity to heal and make changes. 

But the threat of retaliation by Elyse’s abusive ex has her on guard and keeping Zeke at arm’s length. Is love really worth the risk?

Cleverly blending romance, healing, and new-age spirituality in an inspiring story of new beginnings, trust, and love—Soul-icitude shows it is possible to break free from the past to find real love.

This standalone novel is the first book in the Soul Healing Series—perfect for fans of Ava Miles, Emily March & Tess Thompson.

This book was previously released as Soul-icitude.

Soul of Hope final ebook

book 1: Soul of Hope

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soul of strength final ebook

book 2: Soul of strength

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soul of strength book logo

Haunted by the past. Her safe haven is found in his unexpected arms. But will her arms be strong enough for him?

Free spirited Kate McTavish hides her fears behind her exuberant artist persona. An attack in an alley brings her past trauma rushing to the surface and out of her tenuous control.

Ex-military Moose Masters recognizes PTSD when he sees it. And Kate is showing all the signs. But just as he is building trust with her, and beginning to cultivate a relationship, an unforeseen tragedy blows his plan and his life apart.

Moving forward will require them both to dig deep and find hidden strength they didn’t know they had.

Can they trust each other enough to be vulnerable and accept help through these challenges? Or will their relationship become just another casualty along the way?

Soul of Strength illuminates the power of togetherness. We can’t always go it alone—and sometimes it is in leaning on each other through the tough times we find our true strength.

This standalone, small town, best friend’s brother romance is a story of resilience, healing, and light-heartedness, and is the second book in the Soul Healing Series—perfect for fans of Ava Miles.

Stand alone Women's fiction

Soul-iloquy Kristeen Groth


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kristeen groth book

A unique & powerful combination for lovers of Brené Brown & Dan Millman..."Soul-iloquy is like a women's version of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior."

Lily St. Angelo’s life is perfect. She has everything she ever wanted. So why is there a hollow void in the pit of her stomach, and a darkness suffocating her spirit?

As an ICU nurse, Lily is as conventional as they come. But in her desperate search for meaning and fulfillment, she’ll try anything to find the answers she seeks, even having conversations with her soul. 

Suddenly, everything she thought she knew about herself is turned upside down as she struggles to find her path. Could energy healing hold the key to her happiness? And does she have the courage to face her old beliefs, expectations, and past trauma to heal the ache inside of her?

Join Lily as she navigates through indecision and despair, a love triangle, and a quest for answers that leads her to a crossroads, where she must choose between two divergent lives—and two vastly different men. Which path will lead to true love and the happily ever after she desires?

Soul-iloquy cleverly weaves together romance, healing, and new age spirituality in a heart-warming story of reawakening, hope, and love. 

This book is a stand-alone novel, but is complemented by the Soul-iloquy Companion Journal (see below).

RElated non-fiction 

souliloquy companion journal

Soul-iloquy  Companion Journal

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kristeen groth book

Companion Journal

A Conversation with Your Soul

What if you could have a conversation with your soul? You could ask questions and get guidance on your big decisions or your daily life. How would it feel to know what your soul truly desires?

In the book, Soul-iloquy: A Novel of Healing, Soul Connection & Passion, Lily learns to journal as a way to communicate with her soul as she moves through her spiritual journey and transformation. Journaling helps her to make choices that are in alignment with her soul and her purpose.

The use of journaling as part of your daily soul-care practice, is a way to honor and connect with your true self, listen deeply to your inner wisdom, and learn to live a soul-connected and soul-inspired life. This companion journal will teach you simple steps to get the conversation started.

 More Love From Readers

Resonates on so many levels

I recognized so much of myself in the main character, Lily, as she struggled to find the missing pieces in her life–one of them being a connection with a part of herself she hadn’t ever explored. The deep soulful conversations she had with herself when breaking free of the “shoulds” in her life resonated. Following Lily’s journey as she steps into who she really is at her core is inspiring and motivating.

Lee Amazon Customer

A Breath of Truth!

Spoke to the soul on a soul level. A coming HOME to the Heart story!!! Self-love ripples outward.
Definitely recommending this book and can't wait to read more from Kristeen Groth's works!!!

Janeel Hew Amazon Customer

Lily's journey, deftly told, opens up possibility

This book by Kristeen Groth is why I'll never stop reading fiction. Lately, I've been reading lots of nonfiction books about the how's/why's/what's of mindfulness and meditation. Yet, as helpful as they have been, I feel confused and alone on my journey of learning and doing.

Enter Lily. As the protagonist of Soul-iloquy, she opened up the space for me to see, through her eyes and soul, how a "conventional" person, like myself, might navigate this new terrain of learning. Her story showed me: how it may feel; how it may effect my relationships; and how it may impact my views/beliefs/goals/decisions/choices. It also gave me hope of what's possible if I try. That's the value of good storytelling. Whether you're on your own healing journey or not, Lily is a protagonist worth knowing. I highly recommend this book.

HT Amazon Customer

Entertaining and Healing at the same time

Kris wrote in such a way that drew me into becoming part of the story, as I felt all the emotions of each of the characters. Not only did the story draw me in, but it also gave me steps to implement for my own healing journey. Looking forward to reading it again, this time spending more time on each journal entry and how I can connect with my own Soul and life lessons.

Cindy R  Amazon Customer


Wonderfully written, uplifting, light novel…but at the same time engages the reader to think about the deeper message….to trust your intuitions and look into your soul. Loved it..can’t wait for book 2!

Polished4U  Amazon Customer

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